Daily Character Studies pt 2.

I feel like there’s a nice progression here in terms of colour use, line work and texture (images read left to right). It’s taken a few days to get my eye in and develop a style that I’m happy with, but I think things are starting to click. The work flow is speeding up andContinue reading “Daily Character Studies pt 2.”

Character Studies

I’m trying to get into the habit of doing a character study everyday if I can. Typically I’ll have a look on Pinterest and find a candid photo of someone and work from that, so it’s a little similar to sketching in a coffee shop or doing life drawing. The study on the left isContinue reading “Character Studies”

Life’s a Beach

UK lockdown feels a bit like this. There’s an awful lot of just waiting around while you’re stranded on a desert island. You have a means of getting off the island, but there’s nowhere to go when you do, so you just come back. You can meet up with another person which helps keep youContinue reading “Life’s a Beach”

Making a House a Home

Some basic house designs here for my visual development portfolio. The images are in order (top to bottom) of how the work flow tends to happen in visdev, starting with multiple thumbnail sketches, refining an idea, and then fleshing it out. I’ll do a more refined colour version of this tomorrow. Cheers Matt

Thank You Carson Wentz

I couldn’t not say something. As of yesterday this man was traded away to Indianapolis from an organisation that failed him. He was, in my opinion, our greatest asset, and due to mismanagement and poor decision making the Eagles betrayed and alienated the best quarterback we’ve had in years. Carson Wentz was a foundational pieceContinue reading “Thank You Carson Wentz”

An Incredibly Time Consuming Background

Annoyingly most of this background will be cropped out when I add the animation, but it felt stupid not to illustrate the whole room. However, I may end up reusing the scene for a wider shot later down the line. The original design was literally going to be a bed, a chair, and some stackedContinue reading “An Incredibly Time Consuming Background”

Test Animation pt.2

I severely underestimated how long it would take to complete this! Firstly, the previous animation came in at 1.5 seconds, was 12 frames long, and it took me about a day to complete. This one is 3.8 seconds, almost 40 frames, and there’s a lot more going on, so I’ve no idea what made meContinue reading “Test Animation pt.2”

Interior Background Art

The top image is the next background for the animation. This next scene will probably last a little longer than the previous one – perhaps five seconds or so. The colours are fairly muted/desaturated because I want to keep the focus on the character who will be running in from the left. This background previouslyContinue reading “Interior Background Art”