Limping into Port

This took waaaay longer than it should have. Annoyingly I kind of got lost in drawing and redrawing the lines, and then deciding not to use lines, and then going back on that. It was frustrating to the point I almost abandoned it all together. I surmise that I am my own worst enemy.

If I’m honest I feel like this piece is missing something but I can’t work out what?! I do however really love the smoke coming out of the tug boat.

I moved away from using a perspective grid for this (for anyone not in the know, a perspective grid helps you to draw in perspective). I made the decision to do this because I often feel like it gets in the way when I draw and I end up focusing so much on the grid, and getting everything perfect, that I lose what makes an illustration interesting. Using the grid also makes things too rigid and lacking in character in my opinion.



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