The Clock Maker WIP

Working on this bad boy at the moment. The above piece was made quickly to give me and idea of the atmosphere and values I’d be focusing on before I fully render it. I did a similar illustration to this for Inktober on instagram a couple years ago and always wanted to expand on it. Stay tuned!

Paper Planes

A friend of mine has been nagging me for a while to do an illustration of a group of us that all met a few years ago in Ibiza. One of the first things that happened in our apartment was the maiden flight of a paper airplane, I can’t remember why and we probably should have been out drinking instead. Anyway, it flew like I’ve never seen! In all my years of watching paper airplanes fly – through primary school, middle school, high school, university, and in to my professional career – this one was hands-down the most impressive. I don’t know why i’m going on so much about it, but trust me; it. was. impressive. This is my somewhat unimpressive retelling and illustration of said event. Enjoy

Life’s a beach

This is another concept for a children’s book. I feel like there’s lots of potential and character here to explore – who, what, where, how etc… This place feels lived in and practically built, even if it seems a little unstable in places. Is it an island or part of a larger mainland like so many seaside towns? I expect we’ll be finding out more about this place in the future…

Sailing the skies

This is a children’s book concept I’ve been toying with for a while. It’s essentially a story about time and death, which doesn’t sound too children’s book-y, I know, but the story would address the issue in a subtle and abstract way (I hope). Anyway, this a full page spread in which the two main protagonists take a journey in a flying boat (also the little girl is an Eagles fan… of course). Enjoy!

Fishing Village: work-in-progress

Three hour digital sketch that I’m going to tidy up and colour for the portfolio. The idea was taken from a fantasy book I’m reading at the moment by Miles Cameron (if you’ve not read his work, I highly recommend him). I’m excited about this one!

The Testaments

This is a throwback to an editorial piece I did for the release of Margaret Atwood’s “The Testaments” for a university project. It went through a few iterations before I landed this design, but this illustration in particular ignited my want to become a professional in the art industry. I’ve also yet to read this book, but the prequel to this “The Handmaid’s Tale” was a great read!

Darcy and Ted

Two hour quick digital paint of a girl and her dog. Not really any refinement to this one, just a quick bit of character design and a mess around with colours. Enjoy!

Safari Family Photo – Process part 2

This took a little longer than anticipated, but it’s finally finished! So… the final part of the process is by far and away the longest and most tedious. I can kind of switch off my brain a little bit here and just settle in for the long haul. I’m adding contact shadow, detail (like giraffe patterning and cheetah spots), light and occlusion (for volume), and texture. I use line work very sparingly here – usually only for facial features and defining areas that might otherwise lost.

From a compositional standpoint a couple characters had to be adjusted here and there. The painted dog had to be shifted because it’s dark colouring blended in too much with buffalo, but luckily I was able to swap her out with the meerkats. The secretary bird’s look also had to change because… well, it was crap and I didn’t use enough reference for the initial sketch. I also reduced the size of the iguana because it was originally almost as big as the dragons from Game of Thrones.

So that’s it! Hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed working on it!