School of Games competition entry

This was super fun to work on. @schoolofgames on instagram host a character design/mood board competition every year and I decided to try my luck this year! The brief was fairly simple; draw a Magic Apprentice. The hosts provide a mood board with a few images (cauldrons, broomsticks, books) and words to take inspiration fromContinue reading “School of Games competition entry”

More Beasts

I’ve been trying less and less to clean up the gesture lines I use to construct these characters in order to maintain a feeling of energy and movement. The wildebeest I think is a good example of this. You can see the lines are more chaotic and less precise than any of the previous charactersContinue reading “More Beasts”

Daily Character Studies pt 2.

I feel like there’s a nice progression here in terms of colour use, line work and texture (images read left to right). It’s taken a few days to get my eye in and develop a style that I’m happy with, but I think things are starting to click. The work flow is speeding up andContinue reading “Daily Character Studies pt 2.”

Character Studies

I’m trying to get into the habit of doing a character study everyday if I can. Typically I’ll have a look on Pinterest and find a candid photo of someone and work from that, so it’s a little similar to sketching in a coffee shop or doing life drawing. The study on the left isContinue reading “Character Studies”

Little Merchant – study

Quick character study here. I’m playing around with line-work a little more than I usually would as a way to test things out, and it means I don’t have to be so careful with edge control for colour. I quite like this for what it is; a simple character scene. Not everything has to beContinue reading “Little Merchant – study”

The Book Man

This is a two hour study of a photograph I found Pinterest. I find that I don’t really do that many studies, which is stupid really, because drawing from real life is so informative. I’ve taken some artistic liberties with the scale, as well as few adjustments here and there. I like the composition inContinue reading “The Book Man”