Leaning Into It

I have a penchant for drawing knights and warriors. The reason for this isn’t because I enjoy seeing blood or that I’m a perverted and sadistic individual (what you do in your own time is your business, no judgement), but rather it’s what I was brought up on. One of the first films I rememberContinue reading “Leaning Into It”

It’s a Process

The weather has turned in the UK so I figured a character in the cold was warranted. This guy and his sheep/ram buddy were fun to design and took probably about four hours to illustrate altogether. I took a lot of inspiration from Siberian, Mongolian, and Icelandic cultures, but isn’t specifically any of them, insteadContinue reading “It’s a Process”

A couple new additions

These are two pieces are commissions I recently completed. The top one of Grasmere was a bastard to make because of the sheer number of trees. A truly horrendous experience, but I didn’t make it easy for myself to be honest. I didn’t want the image to just be a mass trees the same colour,Continue reading “A couple new additions”


I don’t know what it is about seagulls that makes them so fun to draw. They’re essentially pigeons of the coast but on steroids. In fact, when you think about it they’re a pain in the arse whenever you go to the seaside – squawking, shitting, stealing your chips, assaulting people – well maybe notContinue reading “Mine”

Wandering Warrior

This piece was originally made in response to a character design competition, but I found out about it too late in the day and only managed to produce a quick rough sketch. It got forgotten until I found the sketch a few days ago and thought it had potential, though granted it was little moreContinue reading “Wandering Warrior”

Gone Fishing

This feels like the first true bit of children’s book illustration I’ve done for ages! The inspiration for this one came from watching “Gone Fishing: with Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse”. If you’ve not watched it then do! It’s a really relaxing and funny show, and was not at all a program I thought IContinue reading “Gone Fishing”

Still Alive!

As the title says: Still Alive! It’s been a while, right? I’ve been making bits and pieces in my brief absence, but honestly not as much as I’d have liked. I’ve really felt unmotivated and not driven (or arsed) to make art most of the time. I started a new full-time job, but that’s reallyContinue reading “Still Alive!”

Troll Bridge

This is a commissioned piece that the client has kindly allowed me to share. I did a pencil sketch like this years ago, probably about a year after I started drawing again, and although I liked it at the time it now looks incredibly naïve. I also like how the troll has crammed itself underContinue reading “Troll Bridge”


Before I drew this I did my usual scan of pinterest for reference images to work from (stuff like goat horns, faun, satyre etc…) and I then did a few sketches of what I thought the character might look like and how it might pose, but nothing seemed to work. This occasionally happens and IContinue reading “Faun-ication”