SpaceX and NASA – Crew Dragon Launch

On the 27th of May SpaceX is launching NASA astronauts in their Crew Dragon module to the ISS. This is exciting as it’s the first time a SpaceX vehicle will have people onboard! This is the first human launch from American soil in almost a decade. Should the mission be a success , SpaceX will be given the green light to proceed with a further six missions to the ISS which will net them $2.6bn as per their agreement with NASA.

Here’s a sketch of an astronaut riding a dragon to celebrate…

Working from home

Remember when we used to be able to do… well… stuff? I miss those days. I also miss getting my hair cut and not looking like I’ve been living in the mountains licking the moss from rocks for sustenance. Aaaanyway, here’s an editorial piece I did about how office working may be a thing of the past.

The Owl and the Squirrel

Here’s a few illustrations from my new project. These are nothing but rough pieces at the moment, as i’m just trying to get ideas down and get the creative juices flowing. Bear in mind these are just roughs and basic character sheets – the story isn’t even fleshed out yet, but it’s getting there! Enjoy!


Hey, seems like its been a while! University work has been ramping up somewhat, so lazily I’ve not been updating as much as I’d like.

We’ve been working on composition, mostly just the basic stuff like depth, arrangement, line, value etc… The watercolour image of the Knight below is a task that tackles this. Further to this is a digital piece which makes use of the rule of thirds, cropping, and depth again. This piece is a response to a short brief with the outcome of being screen printed, so we were limited with the colours.

Also, the Eagles won the Super Bowl!! WOOOOOOOO!


Sketchbook work

It was freezing here the other day… so of course I ventured out to draw. Here’s some guys sitting outside in the cold while I sit inside a coffee shop nice and warm.



Also I’ve been doing a fair amount of sketchbook work for university based on an essay we’ve got to deliver soon. I have to illustrate a chase/fight scene between a cave man and a sabertooth tiger. I though a good jumping off point was to draw lots of tigers.


The Plan

First blog post, best get it right.


Happy New Year! Welcome! Hi! I’m Matt Walker – artist, illustrator, image maker etc… and my plan going forwards is to create, create, create. Hopefully i will be able to update the blog and website every week with various musings and work I produce. If anyone has any thoughts, please be nice (please), but otherwise say what you gotta say.

p.s. here’s some work from the last couple days.