Astroknight is an idea I’ve been meaning to expand on for a while, and the course I’ve been taking on has given me the kick up the arse I needed. The original idea was hatched when I went back to college to do an art and design qualification – only the finished pieces were nothing more than a half-baked attempt at a storyboard (and a pretty awful one at that). I also couldn’t draw very well then either.

Astroknight is set in the far future and is the story of an asteroid miner who crash-lands on a planet that has had it’s information mysteriously wiped from all known charts. The miner (who will become known as Astroknight later) must scour the planet in order to fix his ship and get home. As he looks for parts to make repairs he discovers why the planet has had it’s information wiped, which sets in motion events that will rock the very foundations of the galaxy!

I’d like to think this would appeal to older kids, perhaps in the same vain as the Asterix or Tintin series’ (minus the racist stuff in Tintin of course). I could even see myself animating it. Either way, i’ll be posting more Astroknight stuff in going forward. Enjoy!

More NASA/SpaceX Stuff (…probably not the last)

The SpaceX/NASA launch taking place in tomorrow is exciting stuff! I feel like this geeky space news needs to be as widely spread and talked about and blogged about as much as is humanly possible. Honestly, I love it. It feels like people are doing things in space finally. We need to get excited about space and exploration again. Hopefully this is just a launch pad (pun fully intended) to greater things. There’s plans to go back to the moon and establish a base there as part are the Gateway project that NASA is planning to build and use as a platform to get to Mars. I can’t wait. Here’s (another) piece about this news. Enjoy!

SpaceX and NASA – Crew Dragon Launch

On the 27th of May SpaceX is launching NASA astronauts in their Crew Dragon module to the ISS. This is exciting as it’s the first time a SpaceX vehicle will have people onboard! This is the first human launch from American soil in almost a decade. Should the mission be a success , SpaceX will be given the green light to proceed with a further six missions to the ISS which will net them $2.6bn as per their agreement with NASA.

Here’s a sketch of an astronaut riding a dragon to celebrate…