Tip of the Pandemic Iceberg

Victoria Gill, a BBC science correspondent, recently wrote an article about how the current Coronavirus pandemic likely will not the last pandemic we experience during our lifetime. As humans encroach on the natural world the potential for a viral “spillover” becomes more and more certain. The pandemic we are experiencing is the proverbial tip ofContinue reading “Tip of the Pandemic Iceberg”

Empty Stadiums

Sport is making a return. Finally! I’m a huge NFL fan and thankfully our season hasn’t been impacted as of yet. However, there’s a very real possibility that games may be played in empty stadiums. That has certainly been the case for the Bundesliga, where football (soccer) fans have been forced to watch from theContinue reading “Empty Stadiums”

Working from home

Remember when we used to be able to do… well… stuff? I miss those days. I also miss getting my hair cut and not looking like I’ve been living in the mountains licking the moss from rocks for sustenance. Aaaanyway, here’s an editorial piece I did about how office working may be a thing ofContinue reading “Working from home”