Life’s a Beach

UK lockdown feels a bit like this. There’s an awful lot of just waiting around while you’re stranded on a desert island. You have a means of getting off the island, but there’s nowhere to go when you do, so you just come back. You can meet up with another person which helps keep you sane, but all you talk about is how great it’ll be when you’re finally rescued. And so you wait. And wait. And wait some more. And just like that a year has passed since the first lockdown began. Hopefully there’s a ship going to appear any day now… hopefully.

More World-Building

With these pieces I’m simultaneously trying to create a believable world (well, as believable as a world can be with sentient woodland creatures) and build up my background painting portfolio for animation (I will be adding colour at some point as well).

The top piece is a zoomed in version of a pervious concept that has be rendered a little more thoroughly. I literally cut and pasted from the older concept as it was worth using same dimensions and angles, plus it saved me a bunch of time in having to redraw.

The bottom concept gives you a more complete idea of what the mouse’s house will look like. I’m going to fill this with more props to give it a more lived-in feel as it is little more than a shell of an idea at the moment.