An Incredibly Time Consuming Background

Annoyingly most of this background will be cropped out when I add the animation, but it felt stupid not to illustrate the whole room. However, I may end up reusing the scene for a wider shot later down the line. The original design was literally going to be a bed, a chair, and some stackedContinue reading “An Incredibly Time Consuming Background”

Test Animation pt.2

I severely underestimated how long it would take to complete this! Firstly, the previous animation came in at 1.5 seconds, was 12 frames long, and it took me about a day to complete. This one is 3.8 seconds, almost 40 frames, and there’s a lot more going on, so I’ve no idea what made meContinue reading “Test Animation pt.2”

Interior Background Art

The top image is the next background for the animation. This next scene will probably last a little longer than the previous one – perhaps five seconds or so. The colours are fairly muted/desaturated because I want to keep the focus on the character who will be running in from the left. This background previouslyContinue reading “Interior Background Art”

Test Animation

I’m not much of an animator if I’m honest. I made two animations while I was at uni and both were made over two years ago. We were specifically told to avoid walk/run cycles because they would be too difficult to animate and extremely labour intensive. They were right. To be fair it didn’t takeContinue reading “Test Animation”

More World-Building

With these pieces I’m simultaneously trying to create a believable world (well, as believable as a world can be with sentient woodland creatures) and build up my background painting portfolio for animation (I will be adding colour at some point as well). The top piece is a zoomed in version of a pervious concept thatContinue reading “More World-Building”

Mouse and Squirrel

A couple of very Disney-esq character designs. These were done mostly as a response to watching the Disney classic “Basil the Great Mouse Detective” which is still a great film, but looks really roughly animated when you compare it to some of its polished modern counterparts. The character designs seem basic, there’s less thought aboutContinue reading “Mouse and Squirrel”

Character design – lesson one

I’ve just signed-up for a character design course by Wouter Tulp on For those of that don’t know who he is, here’s a link to his website He’s not only one of my favorite character artists, but also one of my favorite artists full stop, so it wasn’t difficult picking this course fromContinue reading “Character design – lesson one”