Thank You Carson Wentz

I couldn’t not say something. As of yesterday this man was traded away to Indianapolis from an organisation that failed him. He was, in my opinion, our greatest asset, and due to mismanagement and poor decision making the Eagles betrayed and alienated the best quarterback we’ve had in years. Carson Wentz was a foundational piece of the Philadelphia Eagles and had we built the team appropriately around him we would have been contenders, not only in the East, but around the entire league. Alas, not everyone thinks the same as me (though I strongly believe most of the Philly fans do). Wentz wasn’t perfect by any means – this last season there was a visible decline in his play – but these issues were, and have always been, mechanical and easy to correct with good coaching. It didn’t help that we had significant injuries on the offensive line (leading to a record number of sacks given up) and a perennially weak receiving corps, the former a constant problem with the Eagles and the latter due to poor drafting. I could go on about the drafting of Jalen Hurts, the poor coaching, lack of a run game, uninspired play calling, playing with practice squad players, roster mismanagement, the list goes on.

I’m glad Carson got out. He deserves to do well and I believe he will do great things in Indy. I do not have high hopes for the Eagles future while Howie Roseman remains our GM, however I do look forward to seeing what Nick Siriani can bring to the table with his youth and the young coaches he has brought in around him.

All the best Carson. I’ll still wear your jersey with pride.

Fly Eagles Fly

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