Still Alive!

As the title says: Still Alive! It’s been a while, right? I’ve been making bits and pieces in my brief absence, but honestly not as much as I’d have liked. I’ve really felt unmotivated and not driven (or arsed) to make art most of the time. I started a new full-time job, but that’s reallyContinue reading “Still Alive!”

Troll Bridge

This is a commissioned piece that the client has kindly allowed me to share. I did a pencil sketch like this years ago, probably about a year after I started drawing again, and although I liked it at the time it now looks incredibly na├»ve. I also like how the troll has crammed itself underContinue reading “Troll Bridge”


Before I drew this I did my usual scan of pinterest for reference images to work from (stuff like goat horns, faun, satyre etc…) and I then did a few sketches of what I thought the character might look like and how it might pose, but nothing seemed to work. This occasionally happens and IContinue reading “Faun-ication”


I struggle enormously with colour application. I always have. I’m incredibly jealous of artists who have an eye for good colour composition and it is genuinely something I work hard to improve at., but seem unable to understand fully. I think (without sounding arrogant) my drawing ability is of a very good quality; I understandContinue reading “Siren”

Don’t Go Into The Long Grass

I’m still not completely used to seeing depictions of dinosaurs with feathers, especially Raptors and Tyrannosaurus, but I’m fully onboard with the whole “dinosaurs evolved into birds” theory. I like the idea that you’re seeing living fossils pecking around the garden and flying around your head (less so when they shit on you of course).Continue reading “Don’t Go Into The Long Grass”

More Beasts

I’ve been trying less and less to clean up the gesture lines I use to construct these characters in order to maintain a feeling of energy and movement. The wildebeest I think is a good example of this. You can see the lines are more chaotic and less precise than any of the previous charactersContinue reading “More Beasts”