I struggle enormously with colour application. I always have. I’m incredibly jealous of artists who have an eye for good colour composition and it is genuinely something I work hard to improve at., but seem unable to understand fully. I think (without sounding arrogant) my drawing ability is of a very good quality; I understand shapes and how they move in a three dimensional space; my grasp of character design is good; my line work is solid; and I can draw what’s in my head without much of an issue. Adding colour though is the bane of my existence and I most certainly cannot translate what is in my head to the page. The above illustration took about six hours… at least four of which were spent pissing around with the colours. Granted, I may have messed around with the line work a lot as well, but still! I thoroughly look forward to the day when colour application clicks for me! That is unless I’m actually dead and I’m currently in my own personal hell where colour will continue to baffle me for the rest of eternity…



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