Tour De France

This is more of a prep piece than anything because I’ve got a commission on for a Tour de France poster. I wanted to experiment with giving the work a more traditionally painted look by adding texture and inconsistencies in the application of lines and paint. If I’m honest I’m really happy with how this turned out. The narrow use of colour is always something I try to stick to these days because it makes the composition more harmonious. The bold colours and and limited value (tone) range are also a focus now and tend to be indicative of my current style. The typography is my own making, but is heavily based around the Art Deco aesthetic.



I am Speed

There is a place where I live that has an old sandstone wall that skirts the estate of a golf course and hotel. The hotel, an 18th century Georgian manor, was home to a man named Charles Waterton who was a famous naturalist and is reputed to have inspired Charles Darwin’s endeavours. Waterton explored the farthest reaches of the globe and had a keen interest in the natural world, collecting samples and even allegedly riding a Camen. When he returned home he built the wall as a way to protect and observe the local wildlife and thus created what is thought to be the worlds first nature reserve. The illustration above is inspired by the many cyclists that ride the estates outskirts, and is a scene I see frequently when I go running. Enjoy!