The Magic Cloak

Final spread (unless a publisher wants to approach me for a full book… hint, hint). To be honest all these pages have been very rough and the character design pretty elementary. There’s a definite Disney aesthetic to all the pages which wasn’t initially intentional, but certainly was in the last two spreads. So what next?Continue reading “The Magic Cloak”

Freyja character sheet

This isn’t really a character sheet… well it is because of how it looks here, but it’s actually a movement cycle for a double page spread that I’ll hopefully have done tomorrow. I should actually work on character sheets more I think if I want to work for Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks/Netflix as a character designer, so expectContinue reading “Freyja character sheet”


After finishing the spread yesterday (bottom picture) and looking at it again this morning I couldn’t help but notice a few things that needed changing, so I’ve faffed about all day redoing the piece (top picture). Here’s what was wrong; Firstly, Freyja’s right arm is massive! Look at the size of that monster! So IContinue reading “Redo”

Kids Book Spread Concept

Double page spread for a possible kids book about the Norse god Freyja taming the boar Hildisvini. This is only a rough spread, but I do like how it’s looking. I tried to stay away from adding cast shadows and strong light because I think the colours work quite well and Freyja and the boarContinue reading “Kids Book Spread Concept”


Freyja character design. This one was difficult, but is perhaps my favourite of the bunch so far. I seem to rarely draw women, so I often find myself having to relearn how to every time I make an attempt. In most forms of art it is well documented that you should “stick to what youContinue reading “Freyja”

Hammer Time

Thor character design. I had to play around with this one for a while because the proportions seemed out of sync and the colours were difficult to get right. It was also a challenge to stay away from the Marvel aesthetic of the character though I think there’ll always some similarities as there have beenContinue reading “Hammer Time”

The All-Father

Odin character design. I don’t know why but I’ve been avoiding doing any real character design for a while now. Since we’re going to be in lockdown for the foreseeable future I’m going to perhaps try and do week long character design and visual development projects. An example may be illustrating Norse Gods, like IContinue reading “The All-Father”