Gouache painting

This is the first attempt I’ve made to paint using gouache for about three years. I’m going to be self deprecating here and say it’s a very amateurish outcome. I wasn’t confident in my brush movement, I wasn’t very sure what brush to even use, and the dark reds should be darker. I’m going to try this one again and perhaps use stencils and a paint roller to apply the block colours, while applying the outlines with a brush. Again, I’ll keep you posted. I’m giving this one away, so if you follow my Facebook or Instagram page you can be in with a chance to win. Go here for my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mattwalkerart and here for IG https://www.instagram.com/mattwalkerart/ and just follow the instructions. Cheers Matt.

French Girl

This was originally going to be a quick study of a cafe scene, but is now instead a prep piece for an actual traditional acrylic painting I’m going to do. I’m not super good at using traditional media so I wanted to do something that would be relatively simple to execute. I’ll post up the acrylic piece when I’ve done it (hopefully on Friday). Enjoy!