Spot Illustration

I thought I’d reign things in a little bit since the last two illustrations have been rather time consuming and I would class them less as illustrations and more as landscapes anyway. Above is more illustration based – and by this I mean there’s more focus on an individual idea, and said idea is more thoroughly considered. More thought is put into colours and composition in order for the image to be more striking. Detail is sacrificed in favour of simple easy to read shapes that are universally recognised. I’m also really enjoying drawing trees like this. These types of illustration would be super simple to execute traditionally and I may well start putting stuff like this up on my shop. Stay tuned!

Tip Your Waiter – print

This is the final print version for this piece. I had to change a couple of bits to make the image flow a little better, mostly things like filling negative space and adding detail here and there. I’m genuinely pleased with this one, I like the graphic-y style, simple colour scheme, and abstract aesthetic. Many of the characters are made up, but a few are based on reference photos of old Hollywood black-tie events (Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe feature) and there’s a James Bond in there somewhere as well. This was a fun one to do and I’ve got another one in the works as well, so stay tuned! Cheers.