You’ll Be Back!

Commissioned Hamilton piece. The client wanted this one for her grandson who is big into theatre. I tried not to be too literal and draw an actual theatre (or some such scene) and instead opted for something a little more nuanced. I’d been told the client’s grandson liked Hamilton and so I went and gave it a watch since I’d just bought Disney+. I don’t know much about theatre, but that which I have seen has really been a mixed bag – though I must say I love The History Boys – however, after watching Hamilton I was blown away. What an amazing show! If you’ve seen the production then the character above should be immediately recognisable, and while only appearing briefly, it’s fair to say he stole the show. For those of you not in the know the above illustration is of King George III who is played by Jonathan Groff (Mindhunter, Frozen) who sings the iconic “You’ll Be Back” with spit flying to boot. Anyway it felt appropriate that I pay homage to this guy and this was the most apt way I could imagine; as the King of Hamilton.



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