Bloody Dingoes

A man goes to a pub for a drink and spies on the counter a glass jar filled with $50 notes.
“Bartender, what’s this then”, the man asks pointing to the jar.
“Oh, that’s for the local dare we got set up, put in $50, you do three tasks and you get the whole jar. First you have to knock out the bouncer at the Pink Panther club down the road, big mean Maori bloke. Next we got this wild dingo out back, angry bugger, got to pull out one of its teeth bare handed. Finally up stairs me Nan needs a good seeing to, she’s 98 but she’s up for it!”, the bartender replies.

The man downs his pint, puts the money in the jar, nods his head, and leaves.

20 minutes later the bartender gets a call from his mate at the Pink Panther club saying some crazy bastard knocked out his bouncer with an uppercut.
The door then slams open and the man walks in with a triumphant grin.
“Alright, where’s this dingo?!”
“The dogs out back tied up. Careful though it’s pretty dangerous” says the bartender while opening the back door and showing him the way.
When the bartender returns the pub is quiet and every patron is listening for the chaos that’s about ensue.

Outside they hear squeals, screams, and the sounds of tearing clothes and flesh.
A little while passes and it goes quite, until the back door slams open and there stands the man, panting and tired with bite marks and blood all over him.
“Jesus Christ mate”, gasps the worried bartender, “no one’s ever gone this far before”.
The man stares the bartender down.
“I don’t want to talk about it, just show me where your bloody grandma is so I can pull out her damned tooth”.

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