The images above demonstrate the vast differences in outcomes that can arise from the same idea. It was pissing it down yesterday and it made me realise that summer is well and truly behind us. I think we’ve all at some point been caught huddling under a broken umbrella in the meagre hope that it will give us some form of protection from the elements, while inwardly cursing the fact that we should have replaced it the last time this happened.

The image on the right is best at illustrating this feeling, I think. We’ve all been there and seen this a thousand times – or at least you have if you live in the UK – it’s the drudgery of heading home after a long day, made infinity more intolerable by the monsoon levels of rain you are about to brave. Of course the forecast was for “light showers in the afternoon, but mostly sunny”, so no need to wear your sturdy shoes or don on the waterproof jacket, at worst it’ll be a bit grey by the time you leave the office. Those wretches at the BBC should be stood in front of a firing squad for dolling out such negligent information. If everybody else was as bad at their job as those cretins at the Met Office we’d still be huddled in caves rubbing sticks together.


The illustration on the left is more in keeping with editorial type work and wouldn’t look out of place accompanying an article about mental health or changing careers.



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