Visit Yorkshire! You’ll Like Our… Stile.

I’ve been meaning to do an ode to Yorkshire for a while now, and since I’ve been getting in contact with some local businesses in lieu of collaboration, I figured this was the perfect time to show off. This is a view of Swaledale in the Yorkshire Dales, check out this link for more details on the place

I approached this piece as though it was a brief set by a group like Lonely Planet or a British Airways in-flight magazine for tourists visiting the UK. The idea was to make it as vibrant as possible while showing off what is quintessentially the Yorkshire Dales, that being; rolling hills, farms divided by drystone walls, picturesque villages, and long, rambling walks. Of course I intentionally avoided all the rain, wind, fog, and stepping in cow and sheep shit. Honestly though, it really is a wonderful place any time of the year.

This took about a day (8 hours-ish) to complete and is one of the largest and most time consuming illustrations I’ve done in a while. I’m thinking of doing a few like this to show off more of the north of England, so stay tuned.



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