I think there are moments in life when you know – just know – what it is you’re meant to do as a career. For years and years I struggled with this, always searching, always looking for something new. I tried a creative writing course because I love reading, and it was famously said “that all great writers are great readers”. But apparently I’m not much of a writer, or that is to say I didn’t have the patience for it. I learned to snowboard and thought perhaps I’d become a snowboard instructor, but that was just a flight of fancy. I love, absolutely and unconditionally adore American Football. When the season is in full tilt i’m glued to the TV. I’ve read the books, watched the films, I even play for a team in Yorkshire called The Doncaster Mustangs. If I lived in the states I’m positive I’d be doing something within the sport (not playing though, I’m a distinctly average athlete). I worked, and still do on a part-time basis, in the service industry and almost embraced it fully, as I had always liked – not loved, nor enjoyed – just liked the job and I was good at it to boot.

Seven years ago I watched a segment on TV where authors Neil Strauss and Tim Ferriss had a one on one discussion about their respective careers in writing. Ferriss asked Strauss what he thought was the key component to finding a career that you love. Strauss responded with this “There’s two things. Firstly, whatever you were doing when you were 11 or 12 that a parent or school teacher didn’t make you do is your passion. For me I when I was 11 I wrote a whole book. Sent it to publishers and nobody, not a single agent wrote back, no one responded so I got used to rejection. Secondly, what would you do if you didn’t get paid for it?”

I remember with the most intense ferocity that when Strauss finished the sentence about what you did as an 11 year old, I whispered to myself, “Drawing”. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I could tell you where I was sat, what the weather was like, what shift at work I was doing, and especially what I did the day after; buy a sketch pad and pencils, and start drawing.

Anyway, above is a illustration of a place in Nova Scotia called Peggy’s Cove. Enjoy.

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