UK’s largest solar farm given the go-ahead in Kent

I’m not going to pretend to know much about this, because… well, I don’t. What i do know is that the proposed site is called Cleve Hill in Kent. The solar farm will cover over 900 acres and provide energy for 91,000 homes – for comparisons sake an average coal power-plant is about 19 acres (not including the land required and disrupted in the coal extraction process). There are environmental concerns mainly focused on disturbances to wildlife, however the argument has been made that the land was intensively farmed anyway (with use of pesticides and other chemicals). The venture has been funded by Wirsol Energy Ltd. and Hive Energy Ltd. and will cost £450 million. Both companies are privately held.

Personally I think this is a step in the right direction. Clean energy production needs to be a priority moving forward if we are to continue to evolve as a society. Will this mean job losses in the fossil fuel industry? Probably, but the subsequent jobs created in renewable energy will sure make up for this.

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